What Is Parental Alienation And Its Effects On Children

During the past several years, the rate of divorces has greatly increased, and more than half of these divorced couples are already parents. Even though going through a divorce is tough for everyone, but we believe that people with kids suffer a lot more damage as the harm not only remains to them but also affects the children. Parents’ divorce or separation profoundly damages a child’s mental health, no matter how old or young he or she is. This situation can be extremely confusing and scary for the children; the first two years after separation are especially very frustrating for the kids. Young children develop a constant fear that their parents will stop loving them someday as they have stopped loving each other. Also, they get confused by living in two different houses to be with either parent. Teenagers may get a little aggressive and start blaming one parent for the turmoil caused amongst the family, and this is exactly where parental alienation may take rise. What is pare

Kidnapped to Unknown Location in the US - Most Probably Connecticut

In 2009, I married Rachel Watson in the United Arab Emirates. Over the next two years, we had two beautiful children - Sabriya Al Namani and Adil Al Namani. The year after we had Adil, my wife and I made the painful decision to separate. For the sake of my wife’s reputation, I will not go into details. The agreement was that I would move to Oman for work, while she and the children would stay in Dubai, where we currently resided. Even though Rachel moved on and found someone else, we maintained a healthy, loving relationship. I remained close with my children, as did my family, and visits were frequent. I was able to spend many special occasions with them, including holidays. In November of 2018, six years after my wife and I separated, everything changed. I discovered notes that my children had been sending to my sister’s WhatsApp group. In these messages, they talked about how they were leaving for America soon. Their mother had already gotten a job in the States and the